What are CHEMTRAILS? Proving they EXIST by "CAPTAIN" Joe

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41 thoughts on “What are CHEMTRAILS? Proving they EXIST by "CAPTAIN" Joe

  1. I expect Captain Joe believes the Americans walked on a Light, AKA The Moon.
    Genesis 1:16
    And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

  2. He’s paid to cover up this shit. We wasn’t born yesterday. What he is saying is all these planes are dumping fuel on a regular basis.. on an extreme basis


  4. This piece of bs is full of lies. Until enough people demand a truthful investigation with a full discovery phase, this will continue. I miss contrails being the only thing in the sky besides the real clouds. 2018 brought the classification of 12 “new” Cloud types. In Colorado, they start laying chem trails early in the morning when they have “seed” clouds at the mountains. Conditions are typically clear and calm. By mid afternoon, we reliably have clouds to block out sun. All part of the Green New Deal. Your government hates you and ultimately wants to kill you. There is no sugar coating that

  5. Why don't you talk about how long the chemTrail trails last, as opposed to the contrails that come out of a regular passenger plane that dissipate as the plane is moving. Chemtrails hangover our homes and widen and create a shade between earth and sun. You, sir, sounds like somebody paid you off!

  6. you’re just a commercial pilot, you don’t know everything about planes and what is being done in the sky.
    why would they inform you.

    i’ve seen plenty of chemtrails in a TIC-TAC-TOE pattern.
    that’s not exhaust.
    stop trying g yo convince people otherwise if you don’t believe it.

    we do t try to convince you, you respectfully do the same.
    your not an authority on everything the sky, remember that.

  7. Lol nice try…so contrails can cause the sky to be completely covered with a layer of condensation blocking the sun? You know even the White House and MSM now admit the existence of chemtrails for the purpose of “climate research”? Your ignorance or just plain lying is hilarious.

  8. I see it in Vancouver but italy, u.k. they are brutal with 4 planes dumping out that poison and within 2 hours the sky is completely clouded up from the (B.S.) vapor trails which are really chemtrails. Ex Cia before he retired spoke about it and many have testified about them, Alberta sees them too try reading chemtrails & haarp which has tons of locations all over the place heating up our atmosphere when it reacts with the barium, aluminum & I forgot the other one, tons of government patents for them too 50?? They been doing this for Y E A R S.. POISONING THE WHOLE EARTH

  9. You don't know what you're talking about. Covering up something obvious doesn't work. Whatever is being spraying is accelerating a lot of forest fires, and it also has traces of metal in it.

  10. 33 thousand comments lol Government troll agents must be well paid. The Gaslighting from these videos and the trolls is very interesting. The conspiracy mite actually loose strength if the trolls disappeared. They are only making this conspiracy stronger!

  11. That is why we have all this long lasting exhaust from your breath in 1-2 meter heights. Sometimes if people breath to much fog starts to appear. He is so right. Makes a lot of sense.

    Also his symbolism in the video is just random as these contrails. Wonder how much this video influences his bank account. Or maybe it was photoshopped as well

  12. Who said it came out of your plane. I'm sure any aircraft dispersing something in the air is not a commercial plane. Also the way I understand it it's not chemicals by nano particles os certain metals.

  13. Yes, and how about the tests trying to persuade clouds to drop their rain? There are Americans who fight chemical polution of water, and they see mysterious planes passing. They proved the correlation, they ruled out themselves, that it could be just coincidence, polution can easily have a different source, right? But they are convinced it was planes. I can tell you for sure, that nobody working for the military is going to tell you, that Airforce planes did dump poisonous stuff. They will just tell there's nothing wrong. That is normal, after all. And the protesters usually get a miserable life, one or the other way. Being accused and a long lasting law suit is serious business. So yeah, great that you say nothing about this.

  14. ok i know what a crop duster is. And i know what those planes flying over head in a checkered board formation is. aviation doesnt fly these wierd pattersn. this guy got paid healthy to say this garbage. you look at those trails and they each grow fatter n fatter as it comes down. THAT IS NO VAPERATION. IT DOESNT GO AWAY. YOU CAN SEE HOW WIDE IT IS WHEN CLOSE TOO THE EARTH .

  15. These comments are riddled with disinformation bots. @curiouscat, @siouxperb, @elijahstark and others are part of this disinformation campaign. You have to ask yourself why would anyone have disinformation A.I. bots in the comments unless we were right on top of the target!? The best way to find out if you are communicating with a bot is to ask if they can send a cryptic msg a good example would be short form words we use in txt msg. Happy fishing!

  16. This is false information. Scripted you can tell. There are Absolutely Chem trails outside right now. Vapor trails vaporize , these trails make the sky cloudy on a clear morning as the morning here right now.

  17. What a stupid video ! The guy doesn't have any clue about chemtrails, he is just repeating basic propaganda like a parrot, totally useless !
    Please do you a favor, buy you a brain and a good pair of eyes !

  18. Southsea uk 14 may 2023 11.34am 1 plane turns climbs towards the sun huge plumes behind.
    Closly followed by 2 more large planes also pumping out large plumes.
    I watched the car temp drop from 19 to 16 degrees in 15mins.
    Its chilly for May dont you think?

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