Where to Eat in Ventura County Coast

Los Angeles doesn’t have to grab all the attention in Southern California. Ventura County has its share of incredible eateries and …


25 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Ventura County Coast

  1. Wow, these people really know their food. I like the junk food they showed – the pizzas and the chicken wings 🙂 lol. Like 4. Thanks for the visit and for hitting the red area at my site. I just did the same at yours.

  2. Great lineup of some of Ventura’s best restaurants! I love that our town has so many independently owned fabulous places (we avoid chains). I think you could do a “Part 2” on this one!

  3. Jimmy’s slice is not good at all ( in my opinion )
    My mom worked there, and brought pizza home…
    But the cheese was all congealed by the time I ate it.

    So, I suggest that you don’t bring any home, and eat it
    Quickly. I also don’t remember liking the taste all too much either…

    And Palermo’s is expensive ( at least to me )
    If you’re going to eat in Ventura, I’d suggest
    Mexican food. Like Yolanda’s, Lalo’s, or
    Anything that’s not sharky’s, del taco, or..
    *blegh* Taco Bell…

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